Packaging is the largest end use market segment with 40.1% share in plastic industry. This is followed by building and construction (20.4%) and automotive (7.0%).
who is clariter?
Clariter’s technology brings together the world of waste management and crude oil derivative refining and enriches them with a true ecological footprint.

An innovative global group with a range of patented technology and clean-tech solutions for the world’s pressing plastic waste problem.

Through our unique patented process, Clariter converts plastic waste into high-grade chemical liquids of outstanding purity, effectively turning trash into treasure.

Our unique solution for plastic waste serves the growing global need for disposal of non-perishable polyolefin and helps resolve one of the most serious environmental problems facing the world today.

Our products are widely used in a variety of industries demonstrating a steady global increase in demand, amounting to millions of tons per year.

By building a number of local facilities, feeding form local polyolefin waste reserves and producing for both domestic and international markets, we intend to gradually become a leading global clean-tech player while establishing a niche of high quality chemical liquids and uplifting local communities.


  • To offer an alternative chemical recycling technology that takes advantage of increasing levels of non-perishable plastic waste all over the world.
  • To create leading lines of high purity chemical liquids for relevant industries.
  • To provide a financially viable, innovative clean-tech solution for the disposal of plastic waste.

Our Impact, by numbers

About 40% of the produced plastic is being disposed within 1 year (primarily packaging material).